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Breast Reconstruction Options after Breast Cancer Discussed by Dr. Brian Evans

There have been many changes to reconstruction over the years, with women having various options to get natural looking breasts after reconstruction. In fact, it is now a right and not a privilege to have reconstruction after breast cancer, making it necessary for insurance companies to pay for it.

The type of reconstruction you need depends on your deformity caused by cancer surgery:

1. If a small portion is removed, and there is no radiation therapy, then implants are sufficient. If you had radiation therapy, there is a chance of breast implants becoming hard, which leads to complications.

2. However if the opposite breast is large, the breast should be reduced in size to match the size of the affected breast. Even a breast lift on the opposite breast is a good option. If there is a large deformity on the affected, then your surgeon will suggest reconstruction using your own breast or tummy tissue.

3. If your entire breast was removed because of cancer, your reconstruction option is to use breast implants or your own tissue to reconstruct your breast. It is your surgeon who will decide and suggest the best reconstruction option to use on your breasts.

If your surgeon suggests breast implants, the implants will be inserted through the existing scar of your prior cancer surgery. In case of lift, it will be performed using a short scar technique to maintain symmetry between the affected and normal. Ask your surgeon about the benefits and disadvantages of the donor sites while considering which tissue to use for reconstruction.

After care

After reconstruction, you may enjoy regular food, but do start slowly. If there is any pain, you can use prescription pain medication to treat it. You are however advised to walk around the house, while slowly increasing your daily activities.

You will have to meet your surgeon the day following the surgery while staff will keep regular contact with you to assure a smooth and comfortable recovery. While sutures are removed within a week's time, it takes about two months for 80% of the swelling to reduce. You will have to wait for six months for your breasts to mature and to experience the final results of reconstruction

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